Green View Lodge is strategically set on a cliff side at the heart of the town. From the ashes of the big fire of the 1980’s rose the beginning  of this lodge. The patriarch of the family, Mr. Julio Uyami, started construction in 1982 and completed it in 1984. Lodging operations started in 1984 as the building steadily grew to what is now a 7-storey building. The Restaurant, on the other hand, was opened ten years after the expansion and renovation of the building. The first three floors of the building are devoted and occupied as residential areas. The rest are accustomed for lodging divided into 22 rental rooms, a restaurant, a souvenir shop and a function room
Months prior to the opening of the establishment, names were already being mapped out. Green View Lodge being one of the suggested names stuck out and eventually was chosen. It was appropriately thought so because of the panoramic view of the rice terraces-mostly reflecting a green scenery of the sprawling man-made rice fields, especially when viewed from the open areas at the back of the building.


Green View Lodge is a family-run business
Each member of the family is directly involved in the operations of the establishment, thus the homely ambiance. Guests may expect to be greeted by friendly and courteous staff. It offers rooms that are clean and spacious. Each room has a native motif for its furnishing, double- walled with genuine pinewoods.
Safekeeping of valuables and wi-fi access are also readily available.


Come, enjoy and relax.

Be part of our circle of friends.

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